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Kiteman (author) 3 years ago
Need help with your Instructable?

Visit the Clinic.
DIY hacker Kiteman11 months ago
i am new instructables.
but when i saw your instructables then i am BIG FAN of your.
thank you kiteman
I couldn't say it better myself. I look forward to following your work and comments. Here is to another fan Kiteman, Cheers.
Kiteman (author)  DIY hacker11 months ago
Kiteman (author) 4 years ago
People keep asking me how to get their Instructables featured: check this list by Canida...

General checklist for any featured project:

- title fits and explains the project
- intro step explains reason/motivation for the project
- intro image is informative
- intro image is clear and in-focus
- project is detailed enough to be repeatable
- project is broken into enough steps
- every step has at least one paragraph of text
- every step has at least one useful picture
- most steps have multiple pictures
- pictures use image notes as needed
- spelling and grammar don't distract
- parts/materials/ingredients list included, with links to sources as needed
- tools list included, with links to sources as needed
- includes links to references as needed

Bonus checklist: (for Homepage and Cateogry features)
- excellent intro picture
- the author tells a story through the Instructable
- the project is interesting to someone not already familiar with the subject

Channel feature: the Instructable meets at least 10 of the 14 general checklist items. The remaining 4 are either partially met, don't apply, or don't distract from an otherwise well-done project.

Category feature: Instructable meets at least 13 of the 14 general checklist items, plus the bonus checklist. The remaining items are partially met, don't apply, or don't distract from an otherwise very good project.

Homepage feature: Instructable meets all of the 14 general checklist items, plus nails the bonus checklist.

The bonus checklist covers some of the things that we think really make Instructables. The ability for an author to tell a story through his/her Instructable is unique - it's a direct conversation, and you learn about the author as you're learning about the project. A strong author voice usually means a better, more compelling Instructable that's worthy of a category or homepage feature. This personal storytelling aspect also increases the chance an Instructable will be interesting to someone not already familiar with the subject. While some topics are more generally interesting by their nature, a high-quality, detailed, awesome project will grab almost anyone's attention. These are the sorts of things that really earn a feature to categories and the homepage!
Neat comment. How rude do you think posting an instructable on improving instructables would be.
Kiteman (author)  veryrealperson1 year ago
It depends on how cleverly you worded it.

But, if your suggestions are sincere and constructive, not just a list of moans, then create a topic in the Feedback section, or email, depending on whether you want other members to join in the discussion.
Helpful Thanks.

"Spam actually gets removed more quickly if you flag and move on without commenting."

Thanks! That's good information to know.

Funny new profile pic, Kiteman! :D

Jan_Henrik4 months ago

Meow D:

abusalem4 months ago

Hi there,

What's the problem with international contest?

The only thing that will make me spare some time from my very busy scheduled and do an instructable is to take part in some kind of a challenge with other people. But whats the use if am not eligible to enter?

Kiteman (author)  abusalem4 months ago

Most people publish instructables purely for the joy of sharing, contests are just a perk.

If, however, you want to enter a contest, but your country is not allowed, there are ways and means:

Instructables do not check your location unless you win. If you win, all you have to do is give them an address in an eligible country. It could be a friend, family member or just somebody you trust. Give their address to HQ, and the prize gets sent to them. All you have to do is arrange to have it mailed from there to you.

Kiteman, how do you feel about having your profile pic altered by others? :)

Kiteman (author)  Chikpeas Brother5 months ago

Keep it clean, and I'm fine with it. It happens quite a lot...