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  • Kittish commented on Paige Russell's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda4 months ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

    Caustic Soda is sodium hydroxide, also known as Lye. Yes, it can be nasty if you're not careful handling it, but it's also a primary component of soap.

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  • Kittish commented on Mrballeng's instructable Ductanium Bandage8 months ago
    Ductanium Bandage

    The punch looks like a pretty standard leather punch, aside from the big thing on the end, available from Tandy or other leather supply stores. You can either get fixed size punches, or ones where you have a handle and tips that you screw on and off for various hole sizes.

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  • Kittish commented on Luca Gerda's instructable Eerie glowing jars!1 year ago
    Eerie glowing jars!

    How about doing glow in the dark dots all over clear marbles or those little glass stones, and filling a jar with those? It'd probably look even more like a jar full of some mysteriously glowing liquid. Just don't shake it.

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  • Kittish commented on MadScienceHacks's instructable $2 vacuum sealer Life hack1 year ago
    $2 vacuum sealer Life hack

    I like this idea. It occurs to me that it could be combined with the heat sealer part of a vacuum sealer system maybe. Just pull the tubing most of the way out of the bag and apply the heat sealer below it. Should give a much better seal than using tape.

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