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Nov. 12, 2008
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  • KittyF commented on Kreat0r's instructable A Best kept secret to Losing weight5 months ago
    A Best kept secret to Losing weight

    your comment wasn't a curtique. it was a criticism which is entirely different. your criticism didn't need to be said and added nothing to the discussion. the OP never said he invented the technique. he said he found it by searching for other methods. this implies it is out there for others to read further on. and in fact he states this plainly. His "best kept secret" reference refers to doctors not "liking" this form of daily diet. doctors are notoriously 20 years behind. remember be "nice" "positive" and "CONSTRUCTIVE". which might mean that if you so want this op to have references, which most instructibles don't, go find some and include them in your criticism.

    the goal with intermittent fasting isn't to eat less, but to eat all your calories in a small window each day. if you're eating whole foods, it seems to work. I have many low carb and paleo friends who do this. they eat their day's calories in 4-8 hours a day and it seems to work without hunger. if you are on low carb, you eventually see your body moving in this direction without any real need to decide on it. the body just prefers to eat in a short amount of time, evening usually.

    jantu, it may be that you're eating to little, or you're eating to little protein, and you do need some fat in your diet to get the benefit of any vitamins and minerals you consume. If you're evening meal is very little as you say, I'd suggest you're just not getting enough calories and you're body is trying to conserve.

    Bboran. you may be consuming to few calories since you also started exercising. try increasing your intake of protein and fat to allow your body to build muscle.

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  • KittyF commented on Wolfinlied's instructable Quick and Easy Tonkotsu Ramen6 months ago
    Quick and Easy Tonkotsu Ramen

    I love making pork broth from neck bones using a crockpot and cooking for a couple days with a tablespoon or two of cider vinegar in it to make the broth super nutritious. . the meat is phenomenal fried after it's been cooked off the bones, and there's actually a way to save the broth in small cubes to make just one serving. I google portable soup, and make them that way. If you make the concentrate broth and thicken it with lots of gelatin in the way of portable soup you can cut it into one inch cubes and store them in a container in the fridge or air dry them in the fridge to make them shelf stable. the air dried ones need to be boiled in water for about a half hour to reconstitute. but the undried ones in the fridge are practically as instant as a bouillon cube and twice as healthy. oh, yes, almost forgot to add, one inch is generally half a cup of broth, if you like it strong and flavorful or a whole cup if you like it lighter in flavor.

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  • KittyF commented on Wolfinlied's instructable Making Ramen Noodles!6 months ago
    Making Ramen Noodles!

    Bakers boil the pretzels in lye water, but do not include it in the recipe with the ingredients.

    Italian pasta, like angel hair does not have egg in it, nor does it have sodium carbonate in it.

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  • KittyF commented on Neryam's instructable How to make REAL Japanese ramen from scratch6 months ago
    How to make REAL Japanese ramen from scratch

    Try making them with buckwheat flour. Buckwheat isn't wheat and doesn't have flour but may not cling together as well so you won't be able to make them as thin. but there is a japanese noodle that's made with buckwheat flour

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