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TheChemiker5 years ago
Hey Zak, I'm trying to register at KI, but i have no idea what the random question is.  Could you please answer it?

What is 7-3?
Knarez (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
 Um... My guess is that it's '4'...
Oh, yeah, I figured it out already, i thought it was 7 dash 3, not 7minus 3.  Thanks.
facepalm.jpg rofl.jpg Hooray for analytics; I suppose a "=" would have helped. Our newer questions are easier, unless you're missing your taste buds.
BALLISTA4 years ago
Hey,you're name's ZAK right? The ZAK that makes such PURELY awesome guns?If so I understand that someone was harassing you about ones of your guns last year,someone by name of oh, I doen't know,heatblast mebe?Anyway,I know the dude,and I must say,he's one of my leaste favorite Iblers',we pretty much hate each other.I have no idea if you know this yet or not but from what I've heard,the heatblast you and I both know has been inactive for quite somme tine now(I heve bad english i know,mostlkey because I am German).Thenk of me like Dutchwarlord,only I'm not Dutch,I'm German,puoreley German.Wana be friends?Maybe you can PM me some pictures of your turret bow,if you trust me enough.don't worry,if you do send me pics I won't distribute them to anywuone,ya seee, iem like you.I'm selfish(very selfishe),I wants to keep things for meself,and if you don't want to be friends,I completeley understand.And if you don't want to pm me ze pics,I cun wete,youll at least think about sending me pics,won't you?
MegaMetal84 years ago
did you know that YOU'RE ONE OF THE BEST KNEXERS!!!
I think he does to be fair.
s0lekill3r was/is a legend
I know, I'm not stupid and I've been here longer than you.
Har Har and I've been here longer than you.
Actually I was using the site for nearly a year before my parents let me join (yeah... I know). Don't know about you, but i could have been longer than you :P
I don't want this to get into a fight some i'm gonna leave it here