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hawk453 years ago
are you left handed?
Hiyadudez4 years ago
Hey hey hey!

I am hosting a giveaway where I will be giving away 2 x Pro Year Memberships, and I just wanted you to know 'cause you're awesome!



Hey there! I hope you have an awsome New Year! 

Hey there KnexFreak360! I hope you had a spectacular Christmas yesterday and got lots of things you wanted! I hope you're New Year will be just as Awsome! Merry Christmas! -PotatoCoffee
Sorry for getting back to you so late, Thanks for subsribing! Why?
i'm your 88th subscriber!!
Dale jr. ftw
You have awsome work, really cool! In case you havent noticed im new here i really appriciate it , if you could give me some tips about instructable!
KnexFreak360 (author)  PotatoCoffee4 years ago
Try to build something new, not the standard project for a new person here on instructables. Take your time on your project, like say it's a gun, build a true trigger gun with hopefully a removable magazine. Also add the basics like good looks, and comfort. As for the instructable it's self, take your time adding a detailed description using proper grammar and spelling. But the most important part is probably getting very clear pictures of your project. If you have any more questions just ask I will be happy to answer them!
Thank you very much for the advice, do you think building a slingshot gun for my first gun would be ok? Obviously without a magizine but with comfort and looks. Thanks again And I hope to post fairly soon!

Thank you very much for the patch my long-time friend.
KnexFreak360 (author)  beanieostrich4 years ago
No problem!
Thank you for the sub! <(>.<)>
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Oblivitus5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing. You are my 300th!
KnexFreak360 (author)  Oblivitus5 years ago
W00T np lol.