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KnexFreek (author) 5 years ago
For all of u guys that are complaining about me not posting the new project of mine. I HAVE NOT HAD ANY TIME TO DO SO!!!!!
Still no time?
imagine making War Machine's Minigun XD
i made this badass helm a few weeks ago.
Assa464 years ago
DUDE, WHERE R U. I'M WAITING FOR A NEW POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLX
Knex.X4 years ago
You, my friend are a genius
TheRacker4 years ago
Hey is this brochacho still around?
Seems not... :) you still got them pictures of your gun, seeing as I have time now.
Still got to take updated ones, we just moved, so I haven't had time. I'll probably do it this week though.
Vynash4 years ago
504 Subs... congrats! that's amazing!
Hey, Love your work!
I think someone has quit. Again.
KnexFreek (author)  TheFoofinator5 years ago
KnexFreek (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
I am still here I just have no time to post anything anymore...
Good to see your back. Any details on said creation?