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millions7 years ago
hey mate heres an easy way of getting 5 star put how many pieces u need for the item on the instructions
freakinslop8 years ago
dude how old are you? like eight? you cant say a single word in you own defence let alone spell ultimate.
F-178 years ago
dude, your a friken fake... go make a real gun thats yours and work like a big boy would!
Givadanger8 years ago
Dude Why Oh Why did you copy my gun. i dont care if you show upgrades, just give me credit. If i could id sue you man i hate people like you.
he also copied my frame on the gun too! look at my friends vid on Youtube. he posted the vid for me.

dsman1952768 years ago
knexmaster14, i highly seguest you sook at this forum!

crestind8 years ago
Why did you post the same thing twice? And they're both plagiarized...

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