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  • KristianK18 commented on DuncanW10's instructable Orange Pi One Python GPIO (basic)1 year ago
    Orange Pi One Python GPIO (basic)

    Hello, i followed your guide but i stuck in:from: can't read /var/mail/pyA20.gpiofrom: can't read /var/mail/pyA20.gpiofrom: can't read /var/mail/time./ line 10: syntax error near unexpected token `gpio.setcfg'./ line 10: `gpio.setcfg(port.PA7, gpio.OUTPUT)'Can you help me? I'm absolutely beginner at orangepi pc.

    I'm using the code above (the code on your tutorial), and i'm using this OS:Linux 3.4.39-01-lobo/armv7l - Distro: Ubuntu 15.10

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