• KristinC27 commented on AwesomeA's instructable Non-Soap Cleansing Clay Bar 3 weeks ago
    Non-Soap Cleansing Clay Bar

    I love the idea of clay and am really thinking of trying my hand at this. I have made sea salt and sugar scrubs in the past with olive oil and I really don't like soap. It leaves a residue.Now in ancient times and to this day, a lot of people in European countries use these natural oils and exfoliants to moisturize their skin and remove dead skin and residue.It makes a lot of sense. Let's use Olive Oil (or many other oils for that matter as an example). Our body produces natural oils. But, oil and water do not mix and washing oil away is unnatural and difficult. Oil cleans oil. So it is natural for Olive oils to be used on the skin for cleansing but also rejuvenating. My skin is naturally a little more oily around my chin. I break out if I use soap and water because of how soap blocks the pores and takes away essential oils for good skin growth. I do not break out if I use pure extra virgin olive oil. I have tried it over and over again. Soap vs. Oil. Oil cleans and rejuvenates far better. @blkhawk ... Have you tried it?

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