• KungfuS commented on yueshi's instructable Tiger sculpture from scrap wood9 months ago
    Tiger sculpture from scrap wood

    Nice work. I think it would pop even more... with a nice translucent coat of orange... and some glossy wood coating like Minwax.

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  • KungfuS commented on glassgiant's instructable Pinball Ramp9 months ago
    Pinball Ramp

    Some flaws could possibly be fixed using a heat gun. Both while its being vacuumed, and or when its popped out. Have to be careful not to over-heat.. and cause bubbling though.

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  • KungfuS commented on justin2097's instructable Mini Digital Pinball Cabinet9 months ago
    Mini Digital Pinball Cabinet

    Not bad. I recommend replacing your Microswitch push buttons, with real pinball Leaf buttons. The feel and reaction is 1000x better than Micros can provide.. and, they are completely silent.. unlike loud clicky microswitches. Also, you might consider putting a diffused tip LED in the backbox, or behind a frosted (sanded) piece of plexi. Print the backbox art using a laser printer on transparency film... or just print on high quality thick white paper. Might need to alter the colors to be a little darker, to allow for adjustment when the light is on. (just like the real thing) If translucent buttons are used... they also could be lit by placing some LEDs in the bottom of the cabinet. Adding a thin "top of playfield" strip, will allow you to slide the top of the phone under it.. which could probably reduce the lockdown bars vertical width. Hmm, seems your backbox has no simulated speakers. You could place real grills there.. allowing sounds to escape out of them... or just print them as a decal. Placing a round start button on the left... and adding a real mini-plunger, would be the cherry on top.

    Its possible you could make a conductive foam /strip that goes to a fake or real plunger... made of metal. As soon as its touched, it conducts to the screen.. causing the desired action. Also may want 3 or 4 buttons, for magnasaves, and games like Haunted House.

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