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  • KylieD8 commented on frenzy's instructable 5 Great Lemon Tricks2 years ago
    5 Great Lemon Tricks

    12yrs ago when my son was diagnosed with Leukaemia his Dr a Professor/Sir in Oncology told me that to keep my home free from germs (as all germs are a life threatening thing to someone with no immune system) i should use white vinegar diluted with half water to 100% sterilize my home etc (Plus can add lemon to neutralize vinegar smell). She also said there is nothing on the shelf you can buy that will kill 100% of germs only sunlight or vinegar. (which for inside your home sunlight is useless). Now you know why everything on the shelf on says 99.99% of germs not 100% effective like cheap good old vinegar.

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