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    Growing the Carolina Reaper

    I grow in 100% Coco Coir, if you don't know what it is don't worry, but basically its inert media and needs nutrients from day one. Think of it as growing in a sponge. I have many years of hydroponic growing experience, in a VARIETY of plants, most not peppers. When I grew my reaper in coco, it was my first time growing the pepper in coco, and so I decided to feed it the regular feed I give my other plants. Soon I realized she doesn't like nitrogen at all in flower, same as most flowering plants. They need the nitrogen in large quantities when they are becoming big (vegging), once they start flowering, or better yet a couple weeks before flowering, one should ease up on the nitrogen feed or cut it out altogether if growing in soil, as in soil it will be there for a long time before the plant eats it all up. Too much nitrogen WILL cause flowers to fall off before they form peppers. So here's a suggestion, check out the NPK values on your feed, if the nitrogen is the highest number, you need to go out and get a feed that has the PK values higher than the N, and use that once flowers are starting to form, I promise this will help. Phosphorous and Potassium are what the flowering plants need more than nitrogen when flowering.Also, take a small paint brush or old toothbrush or something along those lines and gently up the inside of the flowers as soon as they fully up, this will pollinate them and increase the number of flowers turning into pods.Good luck, and any other information or help needed feel free to email me at kharootounian@gmail.com

    Hot peppers in general prefer slightly acidic, depending on what you're growing in I recommend anywhere from 5.8-6.5.... Coco Coir and other inert media such as rock wool on the lesser side of that range, if in soil stick to 6.2-6.5... and your plants will thank you for it.

    After googling for one minute about the plant, here is what one link said that agrees with what I say, they have much more first hand experience growing the plant."The Carolina Reaper plant prefers a soil rich in compost and other materials which assist in holding water. Aged manuer is our preferred fertalizer, but if you must use non-organics you will find it responds well to a 5-10-5 or 10-10-10 fertilizer. It is not a fan of too much nitrogen. With either an organic or a chemical fertilizer program, the soil should be well drained."Goodluck

    Google Aji lion my friend, thats what that looks like to me, definitely no reaper.

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