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  • LP2 commented on Robb's instructable Hamster Wheel Standing Desk9 months ago
    Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

    Ha Ha,... I Love This!!! Thanks ! You got me thinking, maybe if I had one of these earlier in life I would be a more mobile old fart today.

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  • LP2 commented on Tez_Gelmir's instructable Rocking Speeder Bike9 months ago
    Rocking Speeder Bike

    Awsome Project ! thanks !I have the option to substitute the uber cool front part with Rubber Foam or what ever, should I decide to make one for my Grandson when he decides to enter this world.Since it will be a Boy maybe a Wheelie bar and serious sound effects.Thanks again !LP

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  • LP2 commented on rjkorn's instructable Call Blocker / Telemarketer Stopper10 months ago
    Call Blocker / Telemarketer Stopper

    Great Instructable ! Thanks !

    My phone number was unlisted so it came up "Unknown" or "Private"Victims of crime have their numbers suppressed free from Bell.Anyone can get it for free if they are being stalked or harrassed.Unfortunately Phone Spammers know how to abuse this.

    We also got rid of our land line some time ago. We also killed the TV.

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