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  • LP9 commented on thomasjarrett16's instructable The Ultimate PVC Quadcopter1 year ago
    The Ultimate PVC Quadcopter

    Very, VERY nice... Ive been looking for something like this! Great Job!I know almost nothing about quad-copters except winning a tiny little Parrot Drone from a company function. Which was good fun and all but the wind always took it away from me ending up in a heaping pile... THIS on the other hand, is a great 'IBLE and it has actually taught me alot in at the very least stepping in the right direction of building my own robust machine. I would like to thank you :)

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  • LP9 commented on danielrpirun's instructable WOODEN WIFI SPEAKER1 year ago

    Just curious, but why did you run the speaker wires through the front of the enclosure and not the inside where the guts are? Great box though. I envy all the"ibles" building these.. i will one day. ;)

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