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  • Ok hope this works for someone here,had the same issue, power out one side of transformer and nothing on the other.Customer had LEDs hooked up to the transformer,after several hours testing and working on it figured out that first off these transformers will not work without a load, no voltage,it require something like 25 watts to work otherwise no 12VAC. The other thing I needed to do was verify that there were no breaks in the low voltage wiring, I adapted a 25 watt light bulb to the landscape quick connect and moved it from the transformer to the point that there was no voltage and also found that over the winter between the pool under the stones and the patio block that the wire was running under there was a break which I quickly found with my homemade test fixture.

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  • LarryF24 commented on Higgs Boson's instructable How to make your own Arduino board1 year ago
    How to make your own Arduino board

    Just a question here , can you just stack the blank chip on to the inserted programmed chip and then load a sketch? Would it harm the original one ,just wondering if it could be done that way.

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