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  • LarsB11 commented on microstill's instructable Microstill1 year ago

    Sorry it should have been: continuous destilation.My spellchecker was drunk!

    This is a contentious distillation still. therefore it delivers all substances which have a boiling point lower as the temperature at the end of the column.To get rid of the lower boiling substances (methanol etc) it will be necessary to do a rerun of the destilate at a lower temperature which keeps the ethanol in the remanens.

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  • LarsB11 commented on AndreasDesmedt's instructable The D-Bot, my self made reprap.2 years ago
    The D-Bot, my self made reprap.

    It would be great to get the printing files.I have trapeze lead screw 300mm for the z-axis but that would mean, that I would have to modify the plans and maybe incorporate a support to keep upright from wobbling.

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