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arun.ba3 years ago
Hi, can you pls suggest me...
How to control the speed of AC motor ( 3 HP )... if u provide me the diagram will be great....
looking for your valuable reply
bumpus8 years ago
LasVegas!! Where you been man? As Jessy has said we have been wondering where you been! Great to have back such a valued member of the community!
LasVegas (author)  bumpus8 years ago
Too many children with nothing more to do than insult and criticize without merit. Took all the fun from the site. I'm more than ready to respond to honest questions and inquiries. Other that that, I'd rather remain on the sidelines.
Sidelines! Heck no man, I see your posts all over and I'm new to the site. Your like a pillar 'round here seems to me!

Trolls be damned!
bumpus LasVegas8 years ago
Well put my friend..
alexhalford8 years ago
Hi, I was asking Kiteman about something and he said that I would be better off asking you. I would therefore very much appreciate your help. I'm planning to make a centrifuge: First question: will a vacuum cleaner motor be powerful enough for a centrifuge? second question: could this circuit be used to control the speed via PWM: The circuit itself would be powered from a nine volt DC supply, and the MOSFEt would be the switch in the AC power chord. I would appreciate any help. Thanks AlexHalford
i made a centrifuge with a blender and with a drill the blender was more efficient
KentsOkay7 years ago
Stay and hang around! You can now block people!
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Welcome back
You're back! We've all been wondering where you went to! :D
I just private messaged you about my Mac ibook g4. I'm going to have to replace the LCD screen in it. I had asked the question of whether you replaced the 14 or the 12 inch version of the ibook g4 in your instructions. My name is Jerri and I hope to hear back from you!

Thanks so much,
have you ever been to terribles? they have great food
Danny8 years ago
Hi all knowing master, i have a question since you know everything i was wondering how i would make a "shock pen" or a similar cuircuit without killing someone, i would ask my electronics teacher but he will probably tell me off
iman Danny8 years ago
here Danny
iman iman8 years ago
sry the image didnt upload here