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I am apologising in advance becausethis will probably sound very insensitive but just beacause you have aspergers doesent mean that you are better than everyone else or that your opinion is more valid which is the attitude that comes across in most of your comments that i have read.
It isn't better, but it is better than we are treated most of the time.

BTW: He passed away quite a few months ago....I have been granted some ability to maintain his forum; but not his personal place here.
kelseymh7 years ago
Hello! I don't have Asperger's, but I've developed quite an interest (through reading Oliver Sacks, mostly, but more recently in watching my one-year-old daughter) in neurological development.

Have you read any of Temple Granlin's papers, or her book? Her ability to empathize with non-humans seems to me to carry some deep insight into whatever is "wrong" (different, which is why I used quotation marks, there) in Asperger's syndrome.

I've had some discussion with Plasmana on this topic, but not much. I have not (knowingly) been fortunate enough to work with anyone with Asperger's face to face.
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This book was recommended by a Aspie living near me

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time

Mark Haddon

try a on line search for more about it, I would use ISBN 0-224-06378-2

There you are


I think as I write, realised I could do the search for you

I have not time to read it yet, and it may already have been mentioned on this forums

And I had a busy day, exhausted otherwise I would copy from the blurb for you
 I've read that book. is that the one with the aspie boy who gets found with a dog with a pitchfork in it, and his dad says his mother is dead etc.?
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I am not sure if I am responding to your postings in correct order, I am just doing a version change on my Mailwasher Pro, which screens my email.

This is all I have so far, its how I think.

No problem! I made several parallel comments; don't worry about the order.

That is really great. When I first read about Dr. Granlin, I had never had any encounter with, or even read a description of, Asperger's syndrome. What little I knew about "autism" was essentially Kanner's version of "deep autism" (utterly isolated children with head-banging and other perseverances).

If you haven't read any of Dr. Granlin's other work, I would encourage you to do so. Sacks' vignette, in An Anthropologist On Mars, is an excellent introduction. In the same case study, he mentions Jessy Park, who would also be a good read.
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Just found out you commented via my Orangeboard
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If you saw a picture in my profile of a toy truck I built , there is a whole range of models based on the same design. At 53, the pictures I think in, no longer show to me, its sort of how your eyes see images upside down when new born, then your brain adjusts them. I think like Computer Aided Design, I picture a whole toy project in my head, add parts, remove parts, explode the parts, etc. I do this 24/7, for a toy, every now and then I have to stop and simplify, otherwise I over-engineer. I only need a bit of paper with measurements, especially if the project has to match something else. Communicating is like translating my thoughts into a second language despite English being my first language. I have a members email address, to send him some photos of the trucks, if you want to email me with your email, I will put you in too. I always use Bc in such cases. I am preparing a document that just arrived in my snail mail box, on a local issue, to upload to the Internet Archive so I am very busy just now.
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Rock on lateral thinker
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