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  • Benbox with Eleks Laser Engraver (GearBest /Banggood)

    When it comes to installing the belt onto the laser head , how do you secure the belt with nuts and bolts if you have already bolted the laser slide onto both of the gantries? The nuts wont fit at that point. please help!

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  • LaurenH33 commented on MakerBox's instructable How to: Laser engraver!1 year ago
    How to: Laser engraver!

    Do you do this step twice? Once for each carriage?Where's picture 7?Also when you say long bolts.... can you clarify which bolts as there's 5 different lengths of bolts

    Step 3, there is no reference that you need to construct two x carriages until step 4 says "both x carriages".Your photos of the bolts are a photo that has no size reference so there's no way to tell which ones you were referring to as the 'long bolts' . No worries, I found another tutorial that shows that it was the second longest bolts in the kit.Photo 7 has no nuts on the bolts so it doesn't match up to the '(3.) push one bearing onto each bolt and add a nut to hold it in place (picture 7)" so that's why I thought there should be another picture but it's cool my mistake

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