• Indoor Aquaponic Food Production System

    Your snarky response aside, I have been writing instructional materials for 35 years and have made a good living out of it. I could certainly write helpful instructables if I cared to follow the restrictive format they require, AND, if they offered something worthwhile to engage in the practice.

    The one problem I have with Instructables is that they seem to promote the most complex and costly way of doing things.I've been running an Aquaponics system in a 29 gal aquarium for over two years. I don't use the type of system shown here. I have the aquarium with some hardy fish in it. I then floated a styrofoam raft with six 3" cutouts for mech baskets. I put compressed clay hydroponic pellets in each basket surrounding a 1" cube of rock wool. I put seeds (I used either lettuce or a kale/broccoli hybrids) in the rock wool and put a strong plant light over the tank. The only mechanical assist is a hose from my air pump into a sponge filter. I have been harvesting greens for the table every 2-3 weeks for the past two years. I feed the fish and the fish feed the plants. That's it.

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