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  • LeelaBell commented on MrBrownDog's instructable Inexpensive Doggie Ramp2 years ago
    Inexpensive Doggie Ramp

    Can someone who has made one describe how they made the holes and then looped the zip ties through them? I used an awl to make small holes in the carpet and then fed the zip ties through, but it was very hard to line them up to go through both the front and back part of the carpet at the same time, so I ended up making multiple holes (up to 4) per zip tie, then feeding the ties through, and it as quite time-consuming, so I'm interested in finding a quicker and easier way to do that part. Any ideas?

    I just made one of these that is 4 feet long to reach an 21" couch, and it's pretty steep. How high is your deck? Our deck is 4 feet high, and we have an old wooden ramp that is 12' long, and it works ok. I read somewhere that you want the length to height ratio to be > 2.25 for it to not be "too steep". Our 4 foot ramp to 21 inch couch is 1:2.3, and the ramp to our deck is 1:3. I think the couch ramp will work for our spry young dachshund (which is who it's for), but our really old arthritic dog needs the longer and less steep ramp.

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