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  • LeesDesk commented on Tez_Gelmir's instructable Rocking Speeder Bike2 years ago
    Rocking Speeder Bike

    It's not even about the physics involved in riding this contraption; what made me vomit is the immediate danger of any sharp object in a toddlers vicinity. When my children were that age we 'house proofed' any corners, sharp objects, glass etc. The earlier comment that 'emergency situations are rare' didn't have my busy little ones. Instantaneously I envisioned the point in a curious wanderers eye.Three year olds are much more taken with 'horsies' than vicious chase scene Star Wars monuments. My son graduated from Franklin to Spiderman…. then to Star Wars. What I do like is the costume in your picture. Very safe, very warm, still very Star Wars.

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