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  • LenaB15 commented on gsyme13's instructable Develop a Photographic Memory1 year ago
    Develop a Photographic Memory

    For those who are confused about method one, it is about improving your memory. It is just like memorizing how to spell words and the such. It also improves your reading speed and how fast you learn. It is a method we use to teach the kids in the daycare I work at. As for method 2, you know when you look into a light then blink and you see little shapes floating in your sight? It is the same thing. The light reflects off the white paper but not the dark ink. So when the light is turned off, the light reflected on the paper stays for a few seconds and that being the only light, it sticks in you line of vision like when you blink while looking in to a light. Sorry for the lengthy explanation and thank you if you read it all.

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