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    LED Grow Box With Carbon Filter

    Very good design, intelligent use of LED vs conventional lighting. If I could give you a simple idea....Line the entire surface area of the interior of your grow box with reflective tin foil. Use a non petroleum based glue ( Elmers wood glue ) to adhere it to the wood. Never use a petroleum based glue, first the toxic fumes and also the fire hazard.By using the foil, you will reflect light up into your plant, increasing the effectiveness of your lighting by many percentage points.

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    A/C Vent Booster Fan

    post addition. For those who would like a visual of what a butterfly valve is, when referring to my earlier post.

    Mechanical Engineer here, ... essentially the same problem in my two story home. Typical complaint, hot upstairs during summer a/c use. .. overly hot downstairs during winter furnace use. Inefficient ducting is the cause in almost every case. Problem with my home is energy cost in both seasons, even with solar it has been $600 month during peak of both seasons.HVAC wanted $2500 to redo ducting, install baffles .. ect. Instead I purchased cheap 12v solenoids (2) , roll of HD doorbell wire, 2 position switch, 12v transformer and made "butterfly" valves. I installed them inline on the main ducting for upstairs, downstairs. Total project took 2 hours.Now, a simple throw of the switch ( mounted to thermostat ) either increases overall a/c output upstairs for summer, or switch lower position increases furnace output downstairs. Huge difference, monthly bills now sub $200 ( with solar ).Total project cost ... $85.00This ducting control is much more effective than trying to push or suck air out of vents with a fan. It's also more cost effective in the long run with comparable project costs. I'm actually surprised that you don't find these kits ready made at the big brick and mortar stores

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