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  • LewyP commented on Aphire's instructable Cheerson CX-20 3DR Radio for New Board2 years ago
    Cheerson CX-20 3DR Radio for New Board

    Does anyone have experience with wiring this this board with the minimosd and telemetry unit at the same time? I know some people have wired both to the UART port. I just have not found a clear tutorial as to how to do this. I have purchased a splitter that has the 5pin connector for the UART on one end and the 4pin to the telemetry and 6pin header female connector for the micro minimosd. I just want to make sure the wires are in the correct order for using both. This is the first tutorial I've seen with the new board that soldered the rx and tx. I'm hoping mine would work directly to the UART. Adding the osd to that wiring only increases my confusion. Any advice is appreciated!

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