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Feb. 9, 2016
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  • How to knit a 'proper' English tea cosy!

    Love it! Feer ls like I am home again....wish i were :(( thank you for sharing. Haven't knitted in ages, hope i don't muck it up! CHEERS!

    U r easily brainwashed by republicans and religion. Too many states do not allow se cience, math, art, musuc ti be taught in schools but want your kids versed in religion. You benefit the rich, screw thde middle class and under. Your corporations, The NFL, Etc do not pay any taxes you make filming any animal cruelty a terrorist act, you are bigots, hypocrites, and stick your noses where it doesn't belong. Your militsry should be pulled iut if Europe: nobody wants you there. i have millions of other valid reasons. I haven't returned ti Europe because my children are here but i am going back. There is no culture here, no intelkectual activity. Shoppi g, drinking and gossiping plus an ireational interest in fat , useless "celebrities" are your sole interests. You don't care about the envirinment, education, culture,etc. I have thousands of other reasons but this is not the place. I have three Bachelirs, a masters, a PhD. So you are not speaking to an ignoramous. I am highly educated, well travelked, speak five languages fluently. My IQ US 145. MOST Americans have an iq of 80.

    Amen to that! US is as barbaric and backwards as Nepal or China!!

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