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Is that your stomach with the huge gash (for your avatar)?
Lftndbt (author)  bassclarinet236 years ago
Yes it is.  : )
I'm hoping you drew it?
DJ Radio7 years ago
hehe... You have 2007 comments, you joined in 2007...lolz
Bigev7 years ago
In completeables home page, the apostrophe in "Instructables member's" should read Instructables members'

Take it or leave it, I don't mind... too much...
blugyblug7 years ago
AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!! Boo the Americans!! Haha, not many australians on the internet...
Lftndbt (author)  blugyblug7 years ago
LoL. Funny funny. What do you mean there are not many Aussie's on the net? LMAO
=SMART=8 years ago
IMPORTANT ! lol Anyway this is just something i made for the podcast were making, Yea so if you could have a look and then PM/Orangeboard me with any comments/suggestions that would be great :D
Robot's Focous !.pdf(595x842) 58 KB
=SMART= =SMART=8 years ago
Hey have you got a script yet?
Lftndbt (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
I have tried twice to download the PDF viewer yet my 56k internet is not being helpful. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. It is really frustrating me.
=SMART= Lftndbt8 years ago
ok but you still want to do the podcast right ?
Lftndbt (author)  =SMART=7 years ago
Yes by all means I still want to do it. My computer/connection is not so willing though.
That idea is pretty cool.
Hey. I like your case mod timber Slideshow. The pictures are a bit small, but it looks cool. Blue LEDs rule!
Lftndbt (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Yes, yes blue LeD's do look cool... They calm me and look very very pretty indeed... You would have noticed that, I have now discovered "large" view on my phone and have larger pic on my latest entries.... "wi-fi can antenna" etc... Thanks for your comment...!