• How To Care For Your Pet Garden Snails!(garden snails only)

    I have about 25 pet garden snails at this point (ten of which are newly hatched baby snails). It's a long story as to how I ended up with all of them, but the long story short is, I picked up a pretty shell (3 actually) and then then started crawling at me one day. I was so fascinated watching them, that I decided to keep them. I found one crushed on the sidewalk shortly thereafter and began picking them up whenever I saw them on the sidewalk. I had only 6 throughout the whole winter, but have found 8 more (including baby snails) on the sidewalk the past month, as spring brings them out of hiding. So, I had no idea what I was doing with my pet snails, but they are very cute and curious and easy to care for. If you want to keep the snail for you and your grandson, I would suggest taking it from the plant (You don't want it to eat your plant) and putting it in a small terrarium with some soil. They like to eat lettuce leaves, raw sweet potato, fish food and cuttlefish bone. And they like water. That's all you need to keep a happy snail - and maybe a mate, though that could lead to a lot of eggs. There is a snail forum: http://petsnails.proboards.comIt's not super active, but you can find some useful info on there. Best Wishes!

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