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    Sugarcube MIDI Controller

    Hi Amanda,Amazing project !! I wish I'd discovered it sooner, I hacked around the Arduinome project to suit a 4x4 button pad rather than 8x8. That was good fun but this version is much sleeker (and cheaper :) ) for the 4x4, no need for a separate LED driver. I combined this stuff with Ralf Kistner's USB-MIDI Arduino core on a Leonardo to get direct plug&play going on so no need for serial-MIDI interfaces.Anyhoo, I had a little question about one line of code you've got I'm hoping you can answer (fingers crossed). In the main shift function, you do:buttonCurrent[i] = shiftIn(buttonDataPin, buttonClockPin, LSBFIRST) >> 3;It's reading in an 8bit word and we're using the bottom 4 bits (LSBFirst) so why does it need shifting by 3 and not 4. We should go from ABCDXXXX to 0000ABCD but for some reason it's XABCDXXX to 000XABCD instead. Like the shift register is just ignoring it's 8th bitI'm just trying to add in a few extra buttons and can only get 3, not the hoped for 4.But yeah, I really love your work! Thanks so much for sharing it all !!

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