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  • Speed Upgrade on the New Grave Digger Power Wheels Ride-on Toy

    The motors usually burn out after a few minutes / hours / days of use. A 12V DC motor can usually handle 24V DC for a short period of time, but not indefinitely. Eventually you'll fry the windings of the electromagnets from all the excess heat being generated. How long it lasts greatly depends on how rugged the motor is.

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  • LloydF1 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Simple Mini Fire Piston1 week ago
    Simple Mini Fire Piston

    Drug paraphenalia?! No officer, that's just my fire piston.. =/

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  • LloydF1 commented on 4DIYers's instructable How to Patch a Rusted Lawn Mower Deck2 weeks ago
    How to Patch a Rusted Lawn Mower Deck

    Wow. That's some *really* impressive work!! I wanted to do this to my riding mower deck to eliminate the 'grass chute' that sticks out and convert it into a nice mulching mower. However, I do not seem to possess your excellent metal bending and welding skills. Haha. Mine did not turn out quite so hot. So, while this is a great Instructable, I would say there is a certain level of skill required to do this. =)

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  • LloydF1 commented on Jigsawman's instructable Build a Pirate Ship Wreck4 weeks ago
    Build a Pirate Ship Wreck

    Wow. That's umm.. insane(ly awesome)!!

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  • LloydF1 commented on Withered Perception's instructable DIY $5.00 Sandblaster4 weeks ago
    DIY $5.00 Sandblaster

    Step 7: "File a hole threw the tube to let your media in."I think you meant through, not threw. One should never use a file to throw a tube. That could be extremely dangerous!

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  • LloydF1 commented on wordsnwood's instructable Perpetual Desk Calendar in Cherry1 year ago
    Perpetual Desk Calendar in Cherry

    "Unfortunately, you MUST use a 0 in front of the single digits. You can't just have a 7 for instance, you need to write it as "07", and the same for all the numbers 01-09."**removes left block entirely**Problem solved.If you wanted to get fancy, you could place a sheet of laminate between the months and the numbers so that you don't see the top sides of the months over on the left.

    Personally, I always write single digit days with a zero.. even when not on wood. For example, today would be April 05, 2016. It was the author himself who said it was 'unfortunate' and that you 'must' use the left zero. I was just pointing out that you didn't have to. You could simply remove that block during the single digit days if you didn't like the zero. I'd probably put the block in my desk or a drawer near the calendar though, not in my pocket. Another solution would be to simply make a third, completely blank block.

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