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  • LoganN commented on TeamAwesome2013's instructable How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date2 years ago
    How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

    I would wait until the end of the collage class then if she says no you dont have to see her again, but if she says yes then ask for her number or ask when you guys could meet. hope this wasn't too late :)

    If I were you, tell her how you feel. If she doesn't like you then just be friends, and try to engage interests then she may think again about saying "no". If she says yes then I would ask for her number and get to know her for about a week, and see how things are going. If it goes well, ask her out. If its akaward between you guys, then just wait a few more weeks until she "warms up to you". hope this helped :)

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