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I love wolves too, they are so beautyfull!
Data6435 years ago
Ha. My motto is 'Failure is always an option'.
LoneWolf (author)  Data6435 years ago
luke11wolf5 years ago
Awesome name! (I love wolves)
LoneWolf (author)  luke11wolf5 years ago
Thanks =D So do I (though I'm sure you could tell that)
lil larry5 years ago
Can you vote for my instructables in the "I made it photo contest"?
LoneWolf (author)  lil larry5 years ago
Well, it's a little too late now...
lil larry5 years ago
Thanx!!! For joining my group "Art Contest!!!", but I think we should have more peole to join and enter instructables before I get started!
LoneWolf (author)  lil larry5 years ago
XD hence the term "contest" lol
LOL !!! :D
LoneWolf (author)  lil larry5 years ago
Well, let me know when it starts and I'll submit some stuff.
acidbass5 years ago
long time no see fellow ibler
LoneWolf (author)  acidbass5 years ago
Yeah, it seems like it's been forever! What's new?