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Jan. 21, 2016
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  • Longhorn032 commented on MoritzB's instructable Use your USB flash drive as virtual RAM9 months ago
    Use your USB flash drive as virtual RAM

    U ca do all of this without usbflash. Just follow the procedure and just replace old page for virtual memory, which is already on your hdd. For example I don't remember the exact size, but I left it to 4gb. Which is more of enough because my physical ram is 2gb, so if all tasks are copied to the page, another 2gb will be free. On the other side, u can use this usbflash to create ReadyBoost. U'LL need at least 4gb drive if u using Windows 7. Format it under NTFS. In properties tap readyboost. Check third option and move slider completely to the right end. Press apply. Then check second option and press apply again. Now all space will be filled with single file. Rename it as local disk and if doesn't have letter, give it one. Be sure u put this drive on the back side of the pc. Be warned! This usbflash is assigned as Syaytem Drive and is already part of Windows. Do not remove it!!! RedyBoost will increase significantly performance if the pc have 2 or less gb!!! Otherwise you won't see any difference.

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