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101man6 years ago
u built the first turret check my fourm topic
Whaleman6 years ago
  Whaleman approves of this orange board.
Thank you so much Whaleman!!! `D[: )  ICE CREAM HAT!
Whaleman approves your hat.

yerjoking7 years ago
Yar, see... This guys orange board... Sucks, liak sew bad, its not even punny. Srsly, don't look at his stuff, he's not worth it, he smells like cheesey feet. Yupyup.
yerjoking7 years ago
It's a Loosewire... o.0
yerjoking, right?
WTF are you doing bring he who must not be named over here Pickles??
OFG I DID NOT MEAN IT ONESTRY! Lol... I coaxed him with milk and cheese.
barrax7 years ago
It's time for the first ever Knex Masters Tournament. The first round is here and what you need to do is show off your skills in making an original pistol. It must not have been posted before and be in the form of a slide show or a video. The first 30 entries will accepted and the 15 winners will go forward into round 2. The grand winner of round one will get a whad of 5 stars on their gun and will have the pride of winning
MI68 years ago
Loosewire, i saw a picture on a random forum hat you posted , and you said you had made (or were trying to make - i forget) a bolt action rifle - did you make one?
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  MI68 years ago
Yes, only the power was so low that it barely left the barrel and I had problems with the sear moving too far..