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  • LoriL62 commented on ReaganPufall's instructable Raising praying mantises1 year ago
    Raising praying mantises

    Very informative! Thank you! I just got an "Little Lady" Orchid plant as a gift & to my delight there is a little Mantis in it! It's CRAZY because I JUST became a "1st time Mantid Mom" about 4 weeks ago to a larger Mantid that I found on my spider plant. That one recently molted, nearly doubled in size, yet lost is right hand. I have a few questions:Will it grow is hand back? It's having trouble hunting (& I've tried hand feeding with no luck)How do I determine what species the new one is. .. (pic attached)My first Mantid is in a fairly large teranium with a screen top. I just read that this is the wrong enclosure, however it did molt & seems happy...... do I need to make it a new home?

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