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    Homemade Air Freshener Gel

    You could glue a flower in before you add the liquid. Maybe tacky glue - be sure it is very dry before adding liquid because its hot of course. You could do layers of colors using the same scent throughout using no color at the bottom so you can see the flower. Too add on layers you probably have to let the one completely set then add the next very cautiously so as not to mix.As to decoration, the jars are so small and with a flower inside there really isn't room - BUT you said you tried to etch the outside. How about doing some decorative etched cut out on the top? Just be sure to put something plastic between jar and top when jel is done so the scent does not escape. You could even put like a fabric square tied with a ribbon on the top as part of a gift basket - put the scent on the bottom or a tag.

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