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I love to do anything involving crafting things. Some of my greatest projects have been in metalworking and woodworking, but I'm always trying new things! I spend a lot of time in the garage, but not much of that includes camera usage =( I'm trying harder every day to document my latest projects!


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  • LosAlfajores commented on LosAlfajores's instructable DIY Bicycle U-Lock1 year ago
    DIY Bicycle U-Lock

    Anyone who makes this U-Lock should definitely upgrade the lock! I bought a masterlock because it was on sale for $2.50, not because it'll be any more secure than your typical $5 bike lock. I plan on getting a new one once I've got the budget for it!

    That is true, but, with a 17/32" hole drilled and a 1/2" rod running through it, you would have to deform the bar so that it itself is at a 45 degree bend. It's not impossible, but it definitely is hard to deform it to that point.

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