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  • Convert a toy piano to work as a midi device and use it with Synthesia

    Yes, for each key there is a corresponding IO-pin on the arduino. This method is very simple but uses a lot of pins. A better way would be to use a key matrix (see picture). For a 4x4 matrix (16 keys) only 8 pins are needed with this method in stead of 16. using shiftregisters or multiplexers is also possible but these require additional hardware. It is possible to play full chords. The arduino checks the keys one by one if they are pressed. This means that technically it is not possible to play to notes at the exact same time. However in parctise this delay between detecting the 2 keypresses is so short (less than 1 ms) that you won't be able to hear this difference.

    Unfortunatly i won't be able to make a video of this project. But if you have any other questions or want a more detailed explanation of the key matrix, Feel free to ask. :)

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