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  • LumiL1 commented on chrismelba's instructable The Light Clock Mini11 months ago
    The Light Clock Mini

    Hi friend,Amazing work you did with this light clock, i have a ziiiro celeste hand watch, but i never think to make a bigger wall one.I made a 120 leds version that work smooth and now i want to make a mini version , but im faceing a issue. I bought the ws2812b leds from ebay for the first watch i made and same for the mini version, but from different sellers. The 2nd strip i received for the mini act strange, when i connect it to nodemcu, all the led go full brightness white and dont do anything else. With the same board with other strip everything its ok. I tough the leds are broken and test them with an arduino with a test code and they work fine. You have any ideea why they dont work?

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  • LumiL1 commented on ledartist's instructable Aurora 9 bar - The Essence of Aurora2 years ago
    Aurora 9 bar - The Essence of Aurora

    Anyone know how to implement the lightning pattern with neopixels and arduino?

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