I'm mainly here for school stuff and diy punk ideas.
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      • The punk vest.
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    How to Tie Dye...Punk Rock Style!

    Perhaps one thought the other was too optimistic or angry (This certainly doesn't apply to all punks or hippies), but they both had similar ideals in many instances, like anti-war, anti-establishment, and pro-environmentalism. There's also a bit of a decade difference; it was early punks with hold-out hippies, if anything.

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    The punk vest.

    There are many stores that sell regular jean jackets (and nowadays they are slimmer and lighter). You can buy one of those from a thrift store or a place like that (where it's cheap), and you can unstitch the sleeves using a small blade or small scissors. That's what I did with mine, and it works perfectly as a vest. It may take a day or two (depending on schedule), but it's worth it. Some people just rip sleeves off, too, but I have never been able to do that...

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