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  • LyndaH16 commented on Spl1nt3rC3ll's instructable How to Care for a Wild Rabbit Nest1 year ago
    How to Care for a Wild Rabbit Nest

    We have uncovered a fairly large rabbits nest. My dog has unfortunately dug in the hole and uncovered them and I believe killed 2 of them. One for sure, the other is not looking too good. There are maybe 5 or 6 more ,moving around in the uncovered hole. I do not believe their eyes are open. I am worried first off because of the dead one laying close to the hole, secondly because there are all kinds of bugs crawling on these bunnies. I am not sure if the momma will come back or not. I am worried about touching anything around the nest and causing mom not to come back for sure. I did try to cover them back up but due to the digging it is now mostly dirt instead of being a soft cover for them. Please advise on what to do, I really do not want them to die.

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