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  • Cola Pen Construction From Arizona Wood And SF Cans at Techshop

    Doing my best to be NICE as requested, I have to say these pens are awful and so sloppily made that I'd rather write with a stick to write with. I followed these instructions and over and over ended up with something that would not conduct ink to the paper. Look for another site, like Youtube for instructions on how to make a cola pen that writes beautifully and looks beautiful too.

    I'm doing my best to be NICE as requested but have to say, as a calligrapher, these pens are so awful that I'd rather write with a stick or a piece of celery. They are so sloppily made that, having made several tries I cannot get one to write. I routinely make cola pens for my own use and suggest you look to another site like YouTube for instructions on a pen that delivers the ink to the paper - and looks beautiful when finished.

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