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  • MLW69Z commented on XHorntail's instructable How to Save a Wet Cell Phone1 year ago
    How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

    Use a vacuum cleaner. remove the battery and SIM (if possible) IMMEDIATELY!! Wrap your hand around the hose end so you can make a "seal" to the phone. Go all around the battery opening and switches, headphone jack etc.It works in a few minutes as opposed to the desiccant method (rice, silica) which are recommended to take 24-48 hours in a bag or container. The best thing is to get the water out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It may not work for puke (or puck like spelled below) because it has stomach acid in it. In that case actually rinse the phone in cold clean water (assuming you already removed the battery) and then vacuum it immediately.

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