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  • Maarkaus commented on EvanKale's instructable Convert Rockband Controller to MIDI Drums11 months ago
    Convert Rockband Controller to MIDI Drums

    So I have been given a set of these drums, and I happen to have an Arduino mega. I would very much like to do this, but have 2 questions first. 1. How do you connect this to the computer? Directly with USB to USB from the Arduino? or with the midi port and a USB adapter? If its by adapter can someone recommend one? I dont want to fry a USB port. Second, how is it powered? By Wall wart or USB? I suspect Wall wart, but its not covered here. I will look around the internets to see if I can find the answer. If I do I will post, but so far no success. If anyone knows, please help! thank you

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  • Is the best PCB etchant in every kitchen ?

    I am currently trying this out. Its outside and bubbling away. But it is taking quite a long time. Still the bath is turning green. I am taking that as a good sign.

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