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  • Madpiper commented on Badlands_Wood_N_Stuff's instructable Near Death Experience Pen26 days ago
    Near Death Experience Pen

    Has very little to do with the problem. an anaphylactic reaction to a toxin does not require significant quantities of the pollutant.For me it is Bocote, and all it takes is handling gloves that were contaminated with sanding dust. Thinking ventilation would cure the problem is a bit like opening a window when someone with a severe peanut allergy has a mouth full of planter's roasted.Breathing particles is not a good idea, but if you are having trouble with a particular material, you need to use care around any materials with similar proprieties. Avoid resinous rosewoods if not sure about them.I feel your pain badlands.... that is absolutely zero fun

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  • 2n3055 flyback transformer driver for beginners

    Rather than using an external diode, a damper-diode type HOT could be used.

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