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  • MagWard commented on 2econdhand's instructable How to Make a Magnetic Cosmetics Board2 years ago
    How to Make a Magnetic Cosmetics Board

    LOVE this idea. My bathroom is all white so that I can change it out with fabric things like curtains, towels. I'm going to use a small whiteboard, already all done. As a teacher, I strongly suspect that the sticky-magnet tape will NOT hold them well. It's designed to hold paper only. Someone suggested a tiny dot of hot glue, which means, when your makeup is gone, you can just pop off that little magnet and put it on the new one. Also, I saw a great idea. I have long hair which I wear up all the time and magnets are great holders for bobbi pins and hairpins, too. LOVE that idea. And you could also use hooks to hold your elastic hairbands for braids, etc.

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