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    How to get rid of fleas

    Dusting the carpet & furniture with a 50lb bag of DE from pool store (much, much cheaper if you have one) using the light with Joy brand dish soap at night, mixing 1/8 cup Ivory liquid with 3 tsp peppermint oil, 10-15 drops tea tree oil in a quart of water in a spay bottle for you mist legs and shoes (not dress shoes though) when you walk in, plus the pets, after giving capstar. Water your yard with Adams flea yard spray 2x a month alternate with the mint tea treeoil mixture every other week yard sprayer dependson size we have 1/2 acre and use 16 oz soap grind 1lb of mint leaves soaked in 750ml of cheap vodka for couple weeks add 16oz of the vodka juice to the yard sprayer attach to hose. In our crawlspace March, June, & September we use raid brand fumigator it's a chemical smoke keeps Palmetto bugs away also. Vacum the house of the D.E. after you have swept it in, dispose of the bag or the canister contents in a sealed plastic bag daily for a week.Make sure you bathe your dogs & cats in the soap mix you spray on legs, and use ear cleaner i.e. rubbing alcohol & vinegar few drops in the ears massage & use a tissue to wipe them out fleas love to hide in the ears both pets & humans. We live in SC at the beach, does not get cold enough for them to hibernate so its a year round battle. Until all these super topicals came out keeping mint & pennyroal growing by the door, vacuming and regular baths worked. Now they are immune to most things. This is the only regimen I have found to work. Also use a commercial steamer twice a year on our bed as they even got through bed bug proof sealing.When we lived in the country guineau fowl would actually keep the yard clear of all bugs including fleas, if your in the country great way to get rid of them. Most of these will work on bed bugs also, just add double tea tree oil and use commercial steam heat. It takes 122°f to kill bed bugs, fleas 135°f based on what the exterminator we hired to clear a hotel we manage informed us. The chemicals are becoming ineffective. Things like the above are still working

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