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  • MahdiA32 commented on emmeshop's instructable Raspberry Remote Control With Telegram4 months ago
    Raspberry Remote Control With Telegram

    put this line at the end of this file "/etc/rc.local"

    for beter compiling telegram cli, In file tgl/mtproto-utils.c,replace in lines 110:assert (0);by//assertand replace in lines 101 and 115:assert (0); // As long as nobody ever uses this code, assume it is (0); // As long as nobody ever uses this code, assume it is broken.and run make again.(or delete the lines) and run make again.

    are you sure your camera is enable?if you are on raspbian:{you should enable your camera by typing this command:sudo raspi-configInterfacing Options>enable camera}else, type this command:{sudo apt-get install raspi-configsudo raspi-configInterfacing Options>enable camera}finaly reboot your py.mahdi ahmadvand

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  • Simple and intuitive web interface for your Raspberry Pi

    I made it. It was very interesting, but i research use internet instead wifi.Please help me

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