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March 16, 2012
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  • Practical Guide to LEDs 1 - Pick your LED!

    Thank you. I will leave a message for them.

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  • Practical Guide to LEDs 1 - Pick your LED!

    @nqtronix, PhilKE3FL, LaurJ.Going by all your advice I located these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/50pcs-New-SMD-1W-Cool-Warm...They meet your advice(s) although not flat top 5mm they have a φ of 120°. So using 2 rows of 100 of these what will be my "best choice" circuit? Thanking you in advance.

    A 555 circuit with a potentiometer? What value resistor for each? Can you provide a circuit diagram in any file format? Thank you.

    @ LaurJ I was an electrician for 40+ years so I understand voltage drop etc.. I had to retrain myself in the IT business so I have 1000' of Cat6 4 pair cable (24 awg). I have 400-500 5mm white LED's.I do not have a data sheet on them. So I don't know the Uf, If or the φ value. I can use Mr. nqtronixs' wonderful guide to "guess" @ the values or do you suggest I buy new LED's w/data sheet? My dad and I used to build Heathkit projects so I know how to solder good. May I ask from you a circuit diagram (in any file format)? Will I need 2 circuits, 1 for each side of my runway or will one circuit handle it? Here is a link to show you what I'm trying to reproduce:Please see @ 5:42 and 10:00. The difference will be that my runway lighting system will strobe on each side. Thanking you in advance.

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  • Practical Guide to LEDs 1 - Pick your LED!

    Sorry this is 9 rows of 9. If I could build/wire 10 rows of 10 in-line to make 100' with 100 LED's strobing or chasing.

    Great info, I'll bstione using your guide a lot!I have a question. I want to build a runway for my R/C aircraft. I want to add runway lights to it for night operations. The question is this: in order to put lights down each side of the runway that will strobe from one end to the other of approx. 100' in one direction only and repeat. I would like to be able to vary to speed of the strobe effect to obtain the correct speed of a "real" runway. The LED's need not be large but need to be somewhat bright in the white band. I hope I'm explaining this enough for you to understand my question. To expand a little more: The LED's will be located approx. every 1' down each side for approx. 100' and strobe equally down each side one way only and return to the starting end and repeat. I hope you have seen such runway lighting and know what I am wanting to reproduce. If that is not possible I can settle for 1 row only down the middle of the runway but still strobing one way only and repeating. Here is a YouTube link to show the strobe effect I am talking about: @ 5:42 and @ 10:00Thanking you in advance

    So the daisy chain is a series circuit right?

    I did not state what I would control it with because I have no idea what I'm doing!!! Trying to teach myself how to do this is like trying to teach a cat quantum mechanics!!! Would it be possible to wire it in series so I would have less wiring and each "side" and would 1 controller be used for both "sides"?

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  • Majik01 commented on Moem's instructable Itch-B-Gone1 month ago

    @ Chaela, can you expand on the "hot-teaspoon method" please.

    Add a little meat tenderizer to this and shake it well to dissolve and you will have a great product! I have been a master diver for almost 30 years now and we used to use the meat tenderizer for when we bumped into fire coral and it works great by its self.

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  • Majik01 commented on krieglers's instructable Modelling a Hawker Typhoon 1B4 months ago
    Modelling a Hawker Typhoon 1B

    GREAT BUILD!!! I have been wanting to learn how to make plugs for fiberglass. Is there a way to contact you if I have any questions?Keep up the work on that great warbird!!!

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