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  • MakBlakeley commented on John Smith's forum topic Herbst Appliance1 year ago

    I'm 11 years old I got the herbst appliance 2 days ago it SUCKS! I already have a cold sore that has a hole in it. I can't eat. It bugs me so much. Hurt a ton my muscles are sore and my teeth hurt. The ortho said it was going to hurt for a while and I should eat soft food for the first 10 days then she said you should be able to eat solid foods; well she was lying none of that is true. So awful totally wouldn't recommend it. I am getting it off AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So happy I'm getting it off. I look like a chipmunk some kid even felt the need to point it out "oh that's why your cheeks are so chubby" SO HORRIBLE.

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